Time-resolved two-dimensional imaging of surface acousticwaves


報告人 Prof.Osamu Matsuda 時間 2019年9月26日上午09:00
地點 西大樓4樓Ⅲ區412

報告題目:Time-resolved two-dimensional imaging of surface acousticwaves


報 告 人:Prof.Osamu Matsuda, Division of Applied Physics, Faculty of Engineering,Hokkaido University, Japan



Visualization of acoustic wave propagation is a powerful tool toinvestigate acoustic properties of media, structures, and devices.All-optical method based on the pump-probe technique using periodiclight excitation has been used for the time-resolved two-dimensionalimaging of the propagation of GHz surface acoustic waves. In thispresentation, the principle of the imaging method is brieflyoverviewed, and its application clarifying the acousticproperties such as the dispersion relation of the phononic crystalsand the waveguides based on the phononic crystals are shown.Finally, we see a recent extension of the method to solve thefrequency resolution limitation which has been involved in the similarmethods so far.


Osamu Matsuda received M. Sci. (1988) andDr. Sci.(1991) degrees inPhysics both from Faculty ofScience, Osaka University, Japan. He wasa research associate in Osaka University from 1991 to 1998. Then hehas been an associate professor in Faculty of Engineering, Hokkaidouniversity, Japan since 1998 until now. He has been working on theoptical properties of amorphous semiconductors, picosecond laserultrasonics, time-resolved optical imaging of acoustic waves, phononiccrystals, phononicsmetamaterials, and ultrasonic force microscopes.He has published a series of influential articles in authoritative journals such as Physical Review Lettersand Physical Review B.Osamu Matsuda's research in this field is authoritative and leading.

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